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How to Choose a Binary Options Trading Platform

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

Binary options trading is one of the increasingly popular trading industries nowadays. A lot of investors are taking notice of this particular trade simply because it is not as complicated as the stock market or the Forex. In addition, the investment you place on binary options trading will earn a lot in a short span of time, unlike with stock market that you have to wait for days or even months just to see some gains.


If you plan to trade in binary options, then you have to choose a trading platform that suits your needs. There are numerous trading platforms online, including Porter Finance. Here are some of the tips that you can take advantage of to be able to find a good binary options trading platform you can trade in.

U.S.-SECFirst of all, you have to find several brokers. You will be choosing based on their trading platform. As much as possible, pick the trading platform that is well regarded and reliable. How well you can be serviced by your broker will also be evident in their trading platform. The reputable trading platforms are usually registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. You have to find such reputable platforms before you commit your money.

There will always be a minimum deposit requirement, regardless of where you trade. You have to check which broker you can meet the minimum balance requirement then. This minimum balance requirement is actually the smallest sum of money you can deposit for your trading account so that you can begin trading. This money should be your risk capital or the money you can afford to lose.

pricingThe fee structure of the trading platform is also one that you have to check. Different online brokers have different fees they charge. What Porter Finance charges the trader will be different from what the other brokers charge. Generally though, binary options trading brokers do not charge a commission fee. However, you have to thoroughly research to ensure that you really do not have to pay anything or if you need to pay something, how much it will be.

You also have to take note of the extent of the brokerage services you need from your broker. The larger and costly online brokers usually offer analytical tools and advanced research to their traders. If you think that you can get your money’s worth out of the said tools, then you can go for it – unless you want to be a passive trader.

Make sure that you choose that broker who meets your needs. There should be a lot of brokers in the market nowadays. There is no need to be overwhelmed though. Start by narrowing your list of brokers to those who have a minimum balance requirement you can meet. After that, you can narrow it down further by checking the offered services and matching it with what you actually need. Lastly, you have to determine the fee structures.

Which is The BEST Binary Options Broker for You?

You have to be meticulous in choosing where you trade. After all, that will determine whether or not you will make it as a trader. The broker and the trading platform are important, so make sure to choose well.

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How to Decide to Start Trading with Binary Option Online

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

If you are interested in investing your money, then you better consider trading online. If you start trading online, you can enjoy higher profits. Even if you are a beginner, you still have an easy trading option you can choose. A perfect example of what you can trade in even though this is the first time that you are trading is the binary options trading industry.


Deciding to start trading online is not an easy thing. You have a lot of things you have to think about, factors to consider, and risks to take into account. Only when you have researched your investment and trading industry should you finalize your decision whether or not you will be trading in a binary options trading platform like Porter Finance.

RiskThe first thing that you have to do is to ensure you have sufficient risk capital you can invest. Risk capital is that amount of money you have that you are free to invest. This particular money is not one you are using to pay off your living expenses or repay your debts. This is also not the amount that you are holding in your retirement amount. In a simpler definition, the risk capital is the amount of money you can afford to lose.

The risk capital, according to the professional finance advisers from Porter Finance, should be that excess money you have after you have prepared six month’s worth of income in your savings account. This amount of money should be enough to provide a financial cushion for you when there are unexpected life events like unemployment or ailment.

Always contribute to your retirement account first. Most specifically, you have to contribute to the 401(k) first before you commit your money as risk capital. Usually, it depends on who your employer is to determine whether or not you are required to contribute to the said investment fund. The employer oftentimes match your contributions as well.


Before you finalize your decision to trade online, consider any offline options that may be available to you. For that, you better think of your experiences and goals in trading. If you want a professional to handle your money and want someone you can meet in person, then the offline broker is the best choice. If you want to capitalize on your own experience and skills for trading, then that is the time you can consider online binary options trading.

Are you looking for a reliable binary options broker who you can TRUST?

There are many types of brokers available in the trading market nowadays. You will have to choose which broker you will be entrusting your money to. Make sure though that this broker is someone you can entrust your money to.

You have to identify what investment style matches well with you. In case you plan to invest online, then you have to determine as well what types of trades you will be making. You can choose to go for day trading and look for a trading platform. Long-term investments are also available for you to take advantage of. You have to research thoroughly before you finalize your decision.

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What Terms to Learn for Binary Options Trading

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

A binary option is a kind of option where it is necessary for a trader to take either a yes or no position. The position will depend on the asset’s price rises or falls. The assets will not only be limited to stocks but it will also include currencies, commodities, and indices. Compared to the other types of trading, binary options trading is actually easier to understand.


When you are interested in trading in binary option, you have to understand important terms in the trade. These are the terms that will provide you with the best opportunities in your trading. If you understand these terms, then you will highly likely receive a better profit out of every single trade. Here are some of the terms that you have to learn when you plan to trade with binary options.

call-putThe first in the list is the “options trading”. When it comes to the stock market, “option” means a contract that provides you with the right to buy and sell stocks at a specified price on or before a preset date sometime in the future. When you think that the market will rise, you can purchase a “call” option, which means you believe the stock will rise in price. If it is otherwise, then you can purchase a “put” option. This means you believe the stock will fall in price.

Another term that you should learn is the “binary option”. Those who are used to binary trading, especially at Porter Finance, the binary option is otherwise known as fixed-return options. These are options that actually have an expiry term. They are oftentimes called as strike price in Porter Finance. This strike price is basically the price at which an asset is exercised by a predetermined date. If you make a correct bet, then you can be paid with the predetermined fixed return. Otherwise, you will lose the amount you invested in the aid trade.

It is also necessary to learn “in-the-money” as well as “out-of-the-money”. If it is a call option, then the in-the-money occurs as your option’s strike price falls below the stock’s market price. If it is a put option, then the in-the-money occurs as the option’s strike price go above the asset’s market price. Talking about the out-of-the-money term, this is the opposite of the in-the-money. Out-of-the-money calls is when the strike price is above the asset’s market price. Out-of-the-money puts is when the strike price is below the asset’s market price.


Another thing to learn is the one-touch binary options. The said type of option is now growing in popularity among the existing traders of binary options. The said option is beneficial for those traders believing in the principle that the price of the underlying asset will surely exceed a certain level sometime in the future.

You can trade on your own or you can look for a robot that can help you place your trade. If you opt to have a robot help you out, then you have to read a reliable binary option robot review so that you can get information on which robot to use. However, whether or not you use a robot, make sure you learn these terms for binary options trading beforehand.

The Best Automated Software to Trade Binary Options Online

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The Basics of Binary Options Trading

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

Traders who want to earn a good sum while keeping their investments low should consider trading in binary options. Binary options are technically estimates of an asset’s performance during a specified time frame. This is a much preferred investment tool compared to the other trading markets simply because it easily shows how much profit you earn in just one trade.


In other forms of investment, a trader basically purchases the actual asset they are investing in. Whether they gain or loss a sum will depend on the asset’s changing values. Once the trader decides to sell their acquired assets right back to the market, whether they earn or lose money depends on whether the value increases or decreases.

1454572496Investments other than binary options will just cause you worries as you always have to monitor when you have to sell your assets and avoid the exposure of your account to the volatility of the market. If you do not want any of these worries, you have to consider trading in binary options then.

If you trade with options, especially with Porter Finance, trading will be really simple. It will become even simpler if you make use of a binary option robot. With binary options, you are trading the futures on a market and not the actual market. The amount of psychological stress you receive in trading with binary options is minimal. The good thing about binary options is that you can easily predict which direction the asset will move to for a preset time frame.

As its name suggests, binary option generally speaks of “two parts”. With binary options traded at Porter Finance, you will make a prediction on whether it will be a “call” or “put”. Binary options trading will only give you two possibilities for investment.


The first investment possibility is properly expressed as you predict the asset price’s rise. This is the “call” option. The other investment possibility is when you predict the asset price’s fall. This is the investment type you will call “put”.

If you plan to invest in binary options, then you have to choose the best asset to invest your money into. Another good thing about binary option is that you can trade different assets. It includes commodities (gold, oil, silver, coffee), indices (Nasdaq, FTSE, Dow Jones), stocks (giant firms around the world), and even currencies (major currencies include AUD, JPY, GBP, EUR, and USD). When choosing an asset you will be investing in, it is highly recommended that you look into those assets you already know about.

Learning how to trade with binary options is not that difficult. Even novice traders can gain access to valuable knowledge base and learning resources. These resources oftentimes include techniques, tips, tricks, and strategies necessary for binary options trading. Most of the time, these resources are already being offered by the trader’s chosen trading platform.

The Green Room Academy | Learn to trade Binary Options

Be sure to choose a reliable trading platform. That way, you can be sure you are earning a good profit. Also, it is also through ensuring you are trading in a reliable platform that you can guarantee you will not be scammed of your money.

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